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Windows XP Completes 10 years, End-of-Life Extension Unlikely

As Windows XP completed its 10th year, Microsoft has confirmed that there are no plans to extend the April, 2014 retirement of the highly popular desktop operating system.

Introduced back in 2001, Windows XP officially completed its 10 years on Tuesday. Microsoft is not willing to give any extension to businesses around to world for migration from XP to Windows 7 and this indicates that Microsoft is looking to end the dignified tenure of Windows XP at the preset date.

On being asked whether an extension of the end-of-life date is being planned, Rich Reynolds, general manager for Windows Commercial marketing said, "There's absolutely no chance" reports Information Week (opens in new tab).

Redmond based operating system giant might be pacing towards an aggressive migration appeal as the decline in the Windows XP's market share in the last 10 months has been at 10%. Analytics firm Net Applications reported that in September 2011, Windows XP had a share of 50.5% compared to its 60.5% about 10 months back.

Microsoft doesn't entertain or support any operating system beyond the 10 years lifespan according to its policies. But, in case of Windows XP, Microsoft did provide an extension of 3 years thus finalising the end-of-life date of XP as April, 2014 rather than April, 2011.

With a relatively slow pace of adoption of Windows 7 compared to XP, specifically in the enterprise segment, and probability of Windows 8 being launched anytime in 2012, Microsoft's reluctance to extend the expiry is self-evident as it wants to push Windows 7 and then Windows 8.

Ravi Mandalia

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