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64% BlackBerry Users Thought of Switching to iPhones Claims Survey

A new survey has shed light into how over 40 percent of BlackBerry users were pondering over the idea of switching their smartphone following the recent 3-day long outage.

The outage, which took place earlier this month, rendered users from all over the world helpless and were unable to access their emails, surf Web, or even use the massively popular BlackBerry Messenger.

According to the survey-result, near about two-third (64 percent) of the participants admitted that they were thinking about switching to Apple's iPhone during the much frowned-upon outage.

In addition, almost a quarter of the participants in the study (23 percent) said that they planned to switch to an Android device, while another 5 percent said it was the Windows Phone that occurred to them as the more suitable replacement.

"The nature of my work means I need to be responsible to my customers' needs in real time," said one respondent, according to a report by The Press Association.

"They are phones to be used for work and, as such, should have all features operational for as close to 100% of the time as possible," another said.