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Apple Should Release LTE iPhone in 2012

Many analysts have put the fact that Apple's new smartphone doesn't offer 4G LTE speeds down to the market not being prepared yet. Carriers are testing their LTE technologies and are building up the LTE networks but, at the moment they are not ready for the widespread adoption of 4G devices.

However, the situation is rapidly developing and next year should be when LTE really takes off for the smartphone market. According to an industry source who spoke to Digitimes (opens in new tab), Apple is "expected to join the LTE club in 2012."

AppleInsider (opens in new tab) reports the current state of the 4G mobile networks worldwide, claiming that "just 35 LTE networks are on-line globally at the moment, but that number is expected to triple and exceed 100 before the end of 2012. By 2015, LTE networks are expected to reach 290 million people, and sales of LTE smartphones are projected to top 154 million units."

However, LTE smartphones have been available for some time now, with handsets from Samsung, Motorola and LG, while the leader is HTC. Next year Nokia, Research in Motion and Sony Ericsson are also expected to hit the market with LTE-enabled handsets. Apple, of course can't miss this train if it's going to hold on to the supremacy that the company now enjoys.

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