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Apple War Chest Reaches $82 billion

Apple has nearly $82 billion in cash, marketable securities and cash equivalents according to a form 10-K document filed by the company with the SEC (securities & exchange commission), which provides vital information about the financial health of the company.

The company increased its cash reserves by nearly $38 billion in a single year - despite missing industry targets - and that comes after having spent $2.4 billion on research and development and $4.3 billion on infrastructure such as its data center for the iCloud initiative and investments in its factories.

Other expenses included the purchase of patents from Nortel for $2.6 billion as well as the acquisition of Siri, a startup that provided a critical piece of iOS 5, for $244 million.

Other interesting titbits include the fact that Apple owns or leases 13.2 million square feet worth of building space, that's 145,000 square metres and employs 60,400 full time employees and another 2,900 temporary workers.

That's a 39 per cent increase over its employee headcount in 2010 and a significant portion of these have been for the growing number of Apple stores opening worldwide.

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