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Britons not Overly Excited about iPhone 4S

A recent survey about the reception of iPhone 4S on the UK market shows that Britons are rather reserved. A third of the respondents declared themselves to be disappointed by the present iPhone, Mail Online (opens in new tab)reports.

Many of the discontented users admitted they couldn't get over the fact that iPhone 4S looks the same as the previous model, while they expected a completely redesigned iPhone. The survey by MyVoucherCodes, which polled 1,687 people 'familiar with the handset', indicates that almost 27% were waiting in fact for the anticipated iPhone 5 with a new, sleek appearance.

In addition, British users were hoping for more innovations and spectacular features. 64% of the respondents pointed to the lack of more features to be the main reason for their disappointment. However, almost 29% of those asked declared they intend to upgrade to iPhone 4S.

The survey also revealed that the remaining 71% of the respondents decided to pass over iPhone 4S. Almost half (48%) of the customers planning to upgrade their smartphone without considering Apple's option will most likely turn to Blackberry. Android smartphones will get 37% of the users not happy with the iPhone 4S.

Siri, the new voice controlled feature, has impressed Apple fans, although on the British market Siri has a male voice - perhaps therein lies the reason.

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