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Data Protection Commission of Ireland Investigates Facebook Regional Office

On Tuesday, acting on accusations that Facebook is extensively creating "shadow profiles" of non-users, privacy watchdogs began on-site investigations of Facebook's office in Ireland.

In August, a complaint was filed by the Data Protection Commission of Ireland, in which it was alleged that the users of Facebook are encouraged to disclose other people's personal data, according to Fox News reports.

These data include,"sensitive data such as political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation and so forth" -- and all these has been stored in the databases of Facebook.

Even though the company denies the allegations, the Data Protection Office started looking for evidence to support the claims.

Lisa McGann, a spokeswoman for the Data Protection Commissioner Office, confirmed that "The on-site element started on Tuesday."

She further commented that the investigation will take a few days, but did not revealed exactly what they are looking for. The investigation will involve inspection of buildings, collecting copies of files found on local computers and also questioning employees as per the Commissioner's audit guidelines.

Then the commission will be sift through whatever materials they find for the next couple of weeks to collect concrete evidence.