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Facebook, Google+ Rival Unthink Arrives

Unthink, a new social networking start-up hopes to topple Facebook by offering users complete control on their data and advertisements on the platform.

The website, which has been launched in beta from Tampa, Florida, touts itself as everything people want from their social network, that is, complete control over their data.

Facebook, which has more than 800 million users around the world, has been accused of harvesting user data even after it has been deleted and sell information to advertisers for its own benefits.

Unthink, according to Tech Crunch, judging by its marketing campaign, hopes to tell people that it is not just another social networking platform.

The company is trying to differentiate itself from Facebook, Google+ and other social networking platform by letting people decide how they use their data, how and with whom they share it and how they take part in advertisements.

One of the key features of the platform is that it lets people decide which brands can advertise on their profiles. If the users don't want any advertisements then they would be required to pay $2 per year for usage.

The profile is divided into various sections like social, advertisements and professional. People who go for advertisements of a particular brand will be able to get special discounts and the likes.