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Facebook Wants To Build Massive Server Farm Near Arctic

Social Networking giant Facebook is set to move its servers outside the US to a massive server farm in Luleå, northern Sweden, according to Richard Orange of the Telegraph (opens in new tab).

The main reason for the move would be down to the fact that the average temperature of the area is only 2C which is good enough to keep servers cooled without having to resort to expensive air conditioning equipment.

The town is situated only 100 kilometres south of the Arctic circle and is the perfect playground for Facebook's grander plans.

These include getting three giant server buildings that will cover the size of 11 football fields which is roughly around 44,000 square metres or a third of the total surface area leased or owned by Apple.

Getting the servers running will require a massive 120MW worth of power provided by a river nearby.

This is enough to supply 16,000 detached homes with electricity with an electricity bill of £45 million a year (ed: the equivalent of three grand a year per house, which is is a LOT of money).

Other factors that have attracted Facebook engineers include the stability of the local power grid, Sweden's excellent fibre-optic network as well as the location of Sweden, next to Russia and Eastern Europe, two massive growth areas.

Désiré Athow

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