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Google Acquired Zagat for $151 Million

Google Inc. paid $151 million on Zagat Survey LLC last month it has been revealed. With this, in the first nine month of the current year Google Inc. invested $1.44 billion in acquisition.

The Zagat Survey LLC is a review service which is known for their burgundy-coloured guides of restaurants.

Last month Google declared that they invested $114 million on the acquisition of Daily Deals, which is an online-commerce site that is held privately. Through the acquisition, Google is trying to add new services as well as find new advertising sources.

In their regulatory filing, Google Inc. disclosed that in the first nine months it made 57 acquisitions as well as purchases of assets which are intangible, Bloomberg reported.

The filing also reported that in the beginning of this year they also completed ITA Software Inc.'s acquisition which is a travel-data provider and this acquisition was closed for $676 million.

Google, in August, declared that they will spend $12.5 billion for the acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. This acquisition will be Google's biggest deal with which they will get 17,000+ patents. This deal is expected to be closed by the beginning of 2012.