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Google May Launch Its Music Store Earlier Than Expected

Google may be launching its Music store very soon. Various reports have indicated that when an Android device user visits, a page opens which provides two options: First, upload the user's personal music collection and second, "shop millions of songs in the Android Market."

These reports are enough to indicate that Google is planning to launch the Google Music platform sooner than expected.

Further, it was observed that the links that appeared on the earlier versions on the splash page were broken and redirected users to the Google Music Manager's About page.

Bu now, all such indications are gone. However, the music icon with the well-known shopping bag-shape made an appearance in the Chrome operating system's developer a week before. Thus, very soon the world will experience the Google Music store. This is very exciting news for those who have been waiting for Google to provide music streaming services.

Earlier, it was reported that Google was in talks with four major record labels to provide Internet users an all new experience and an alternative to iTunes.