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Google Replaces '+' Boolean Operator with Quotation Mark Functionality

Google replaced its Boolean + operator in its search options with expanded quotation mark functionality.

In the past, users could get all the web pages that contained specific words by adding a plus (+) sign between two or more words.

By putting quotation marks around the special word one can get the same result as adding a "+" sign. The quotes must be added around the specific word to get the desired search result, however.

"I can't believe Google has done this. I use the + command all the time, especially in an age when more and more, Google constantly reshapes a search based on what it guesses a searcher wants, rather than what they entered," said editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan.

Boolean operators was a quick and convenient way to get the desired result from Google and it was as old as the search engine itself.

Even though the new quotation function is not much different, it will creates some hassle until people learn how to use it properly.