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Green Networking : New Is Not Always Better

It is normal for people and companies to want the newest, latest equipment; everyone likes shiny new toys. However, many do not stop to consider whether they actually need new equipment.

When it comes to upgrades, many companies are unsure which they can afford to miss. This is where external consultants can help. There are advisors on offer who can provide advice and help you weigh up the options.

Some also provide software which will conduct a survey of a network and will tell you when products will no longer be supported by the manufacturer, as well as informing about the stability of a product.

Companies should remain open to changing their perceptions of pre-owned equipment. Buying products from a reputable supplier of pre-owned equipment doesn't necessarily mean they have to compromise on quality.

This is a misconception that many people have. Specialists in pre-owned equipment also offer new products in addition to offering discontinued products as well as the services to maintain them. Buying from a reseller helps organisations realise significant cost reductions as it will not be the latest upgrade.

Average discounts of products from providers of pre-owned equipment can be up to 70-80% off list prices. This makes upgrading equipment in itself cheaper, leaving extra money to grow the business.