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HP To Pitch ARM Servers Against Intel?

HP could be on the verge of launching a range of servers that use ARM-based processors developed by Calxeda, a semiconductor startup previously known as Smooth-Stone.

The company, who counts ARM as one of its investors and will make a major announcement on the 1st of November, has been working on a low-power ARM-based server that would consume less than 5W per node and utilise a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, DRAM and a fabric interconnect.

Both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal claim that Calxeda will be used by HP and is already in talks with other major server makers.

An anonymous source close to Calxeda told us yesterday that the HP ARM server rumour is not the whole story. The company will be pitted against Marvell with its Armada XP server range and Nvidia's Denver chips when it goes on sale.

Intel has some ultra low voltage Xeon processors, the E3 range, and told us that they will be launching an Atom-based server chip in the second half of 2012.

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