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IBM Invites Smarter Cities Challenge 2012 Applications

Technology superstar IBM announced earlier this week that the "Smarter Cities Challenge" program is now open for new applications.

The Smarter City Challenge is a 3 year, and $50 million grant program which will see the company's technical experts and consultants providing urban centers across the country with actionable advice.

The winner of the challenge will be awarded with a $400,000 grant reward, in addition to which, the company will also allocate the winning city a team of top level IBM experts who will provide "recommendations for successful growth, improved delivery of municipal services, more citizen engagement, better efficiency --- and a higher quality of civic life," according to a report by USA Today.

According to IBM, the goal of the program will be to assist cities in tackling their key operational as well as budgetary problems.

"We're excited at the prospect of helping city leaders address the most demanding challenges of our time and make their cities even more livable," IBM vice president of corporate citizenship and corporate affairs Stanley Litow said in a statement last year.