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IBM Manages to Simulate Essential Parts of Cat’s Brain, 4.5% of Human Brain

Technology heavyweight IBM has registered a ground breaking achievement by successfully simulating a part of the human brain.

And, it was not just that - the company went a step further by replicating all of the essential parts in a cat's brain.

According to the company, it used its own sophisticated supercomputer named Blue Gene to simulate the complicated human brain. So far, the researchers at IBM have successfully replicated 4.5 percent of the neurons present in the human brain, as well as their connections, known as synapses reports Time.

Replicating 4.5 percent of the human brain means the company had to simulate almost one billion neurons as well as 10 trillion synapses.

It is important to note here that the human brain carries in it near about 20 billion neurons, as well as 200 trillion synapses.

The researchers further stated that it would require them as many as 880,000 processors, to replicate all of the human brain. However, IBM believes that it will successfully accomplish that Herculean task by the fall of 2019.

The researchers also simulated the brain of a mouse (with 512 processors), and that of a rat (with near about 2048 processors).