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iPhone 4S Pushes iPhone 4 Contracts To £30

You can now buy the iPhone 4 on a two year contract for only £30 per month on Three Mobile (via, which translates into a total cost of ownership of £720.

For that price, you get 300 minutes, 5000 texts, 500MB data and free Wi-Fi access (ed: didn't know Three Mobile did Wi-Fi access). This is a tad cheaper than going through Three directly and is the cheapest no front-fee contract for a new iPhone 4 around.

What's more, you actually pay MORE for the iPhone 4 8GB than the older 16GB version and we suspect that Apple will be keen on clearing out existing iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB stocks as soon as possible, so grab them while you can.

There are just a few (but important) differences between this version and the iPhone 4S. The latter has a dual core A5 SoC and should be noticeably faster than the iPhone 4. It also has a much better camera, Siri, global connectivity, marginally better battery life and Bluetooth 4.0.

We have compared nearly 200 iPhone 4S deals here across all the SKUs on the market and included total cost of ownership (for the contract duration and per month) as well as all pertinent details.

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