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iPhone 4S' Siri has Problems with Scottish Accent

Siri, the much-vaunted voice assistant featured in iPhone 4S, might have a few dozen explanations for the meaning of life but has issues with setting a reminder when asked in a Scottish accent.

Many of Apple's Scottish customers have complained about not being able to enjoy the most significant feature of their new shiny iPhone 4S, because Siri quite simply cannot understand them.

According to an article published today in the Daily Mail (opens in new tab), "Siri has been left bamboozled by some Scots trying to get to grips with the feature. The native Scottish tongue has been among the most troublesome accents for the phone."

Users from Scotland posted disappointed messages and videos featuring Siri struggling to understand basic comments, and some of the YouTube clips on this subject reached almost 20,000 visits.

The Daily Mail gives some examples "In one video, a Scottish voice can be heard asking Siri 'Gonnae no dae that', with the phone replying believing the person to have said 'Going Akila'. 'Can you dance with me?' is interpreted as 'Can you Dutch women'." A video shows a relentless user trying to ask Siri to set up a reminder eight times but without any luck.

In fairness to Siri, there are a fair few human brains that have problems deciphering what our north-west European brethren are saying much of the time.

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