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Juniper Networks Makes OpenFlow Accessible to Developers Via Junos OS

Juniper Networks announced on Tuesday it is going to make the source code for the widely used OpenFlow application accessible to the developer-community through its proprietary Junos networking operating system platform.

According to industry experts, this move is indeed a hint that the OpenFlow suite is now being taken more seriously by major networking and infrastructure vendors.

The biggest advantage of the OpenFlow suite, as told by various analysts, lies in its flexibility. The software can send commands to virtually any OpenFlow enabled switch, irrespective of which vendor manufactured it.

"Juniper is making the OpenFlow application available to an SDK developer community that includes more than five hundred organisations in order to get working code into the hands of customers so they can explore how OpenFlow and network programmability can impact networks everywhere," said vice president of systems strategy and marketing at Juniper, Mike Marcellin, in a statement, according to a report by CRM.

"Our priority is making the networking infrastructure more efficient and effective for customers," he added.