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Late News: Siri Scottish Accent Perils, Google Music Store, IBM Big Data Tools, Gambling in UK Rises

Siri, the much-vaunted voice assistant featured in iPhone 4S, might have a few dozen explanations for the meaning of life but has issues with setting a reminder when asked in a Scottish accent. Many of Apple's Scottish customers have complained about not being able to enjoy the most significant feature of their new shiny iPhone 4S, because Siri quite simply cannot understand them.

Google may be launching its Music store very soon. Various reports have indicated that when an Android device user visits, a page opens which provides two options: First, upload the user's personal music collection and second, "shop millions of songs in the Android Market."

Samsung, in its appeal against the injunction awarded to Apple over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, claims the judgement is flawed. According to an article on ZD Net, Samsung claimed in its appeal filed before Judge Lindsay Foster in the Federal Court of New South Wales, the judgement was incorrect and a leap of logic.

International Business Machines has dished out new big data analysis tools targeted towards health care and marketing businesses. The tools, which were unveiled during the 2011 Business Analytics Forum in Las Vegas, will allow organisations to leverage information from multiple resources, including social networks and generate data which makes sense and help them make informed decisions.

Due to rising popularity of smartphones, tablets and laptops, remote gambling on the Internet is increasing in UK at a fast rate. This interesting fact was revealed in a recent statistical study by the UK Gambling Commission.