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Nokia Bendable Prototype Provides Insight into the Future of Smartphones

Nokia has unveiled a prototype smartphone device that users can navigate by bending it.

A demonstration of the Nokia Kenetic Device, still in the early stages of development, was given at the Nokia World conference, along with the launch of the Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices.

The device goes everything against what consumers have learned so far about using touch screen-based smartphones.

In one of the many demonstration videos on YouTube, a Nokia representative is seen navigating the photo album by bending the display screen. Zooming in and out of the photos can be managed by bending the display inwards and outwards. Navigating through the music section is also requires bending the device here and there.

Nokia maintains the device is still a prototype and is not sure whether it will ever make it to the marketplace. However, this does provide insight into what is to come from Nokia in the next couple of years.

The company said the technology that goes into the bendable screen can be handled by current smartphone processors and the software can be melded with any existing mobile operating system.