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Nominate A Database Administrator To Fly Into Space

UK-based software company Red Gate will give one adventurous database administrator the chance to fly into space thanks to Space Adventures, who will provide with the lucky high flyer with a seat on a commercial flight into the ether.

According to the press release "first, DBAs must unravel a Gordian knot of a plot involving morphing Martians, pets in peril, alien body parts and abduction of one of their own - all unfolding in a five-week series of snazzy (and frankly surreal) 60s-style space-noir B-movies."

The humour-filled PR continues "Fifteen finalists will be selected from those who provide the best answers to quizzes within the videos and the ripest tweets from dataspace. The winning DBA will be elected by popular vote to join the first citizens of Earth to sail beyond our atmosphere."

Red Gate - which supplies software to IT admins - adds "DBAs are the most important people you've never heard of. The world is not kept spinning on its course by politicians or financiers. It's the humble DBA who makes it happen - the Master of Data who enables medical records to be summoned in the blink of an eye, keeps transport running smoothly, manages the data beneath the electrical grid for billions of people and provides instant access to news, music, phone calls, money and an endless supply of entertainment."

As for the prize, it is a rare view; "a cat's whisker above the Kármán line - at 62 miles, the official boundary of space - into pitch black, gazing back on the impossibly cool view of planet earth, the view that astronaut Edgar Mitchell called 'a glimpse of divinity'."

So if you know a database administrator within your company that deserves to be sent into space, why not share the details of the competition with him/her or maybe you should consider a career change if you want to experience what it means to be an astronaut for a day.

This article has been sponsored by Red Gate but was independently written.

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