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Online Gambling in UK Increases 0.1% Due to Increased Accessibility to Internet

Due to rising popularity of smartphones, tablets and laptops, remote gambling on the Internet is increasing in UK at a fast rate. This interesting fact was revealed in a recent statistical study by the UK Gambling Commission.

The survey revealed that 11.8 percent of people questioned said they were engaged in online gambling for at least four weeks. This is an increase of 0.1 percent as compared to last year's reports.

Free online Bingo and the lottery games are amongst the most popular of those surveyed.

Improvements in technology has made these online games more popular and easily accessible. Also, limited restrictions in playing these games and 24-hour availability are other possible reasons for such growth.

Recently, the Communications Market Report published by Ofcom revealed that the number of people who accessed the Internet using their mobile phone increased by 4.5 million, as compared to last year. This has led to an increase in online gambling.

10. 5 percent of participants stated that they gambled on tablets, computers, laptops in some or the other way.