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Oracle vs. Google Patent Infringement Trial Postponed Until 2012 Due to Judge's Busy Schedule

The lawsuit filed by Oracle. against Google is not going to trial until next year, according to a verdict announced by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Oracle dragged the Mountain View based technology firm into a legal dispute by accusing it of breaching some of its key Java patents in the Android operating system platform. Google, however, strictly denies any wrongdoing as far as violating Oracle's intellectual property is concerned.

The trial was initially scheduled to start on October 31 2011, but Judge William Alsup decided to postpone it citing his busy schedule.

Judge Alsup has been assigned a high-profile criminal trial for which he could not allocate time for the Oracle-Google dispute.

The judge stated that in phase one of the trial, "liability on the copyright claims, including all defenses thereto, will be tried and determined by special verdict before going to Phase Two," according to a reportby tech site ComputerWorld.

"The jury will decide these issues before going to Phase Three," he added.