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RIM Hit by Lawsuits in US, Canada Over Recent Outage

The four days long Blackberry outage, which the world experienced earlier this month outraged its subscribers in U.S. and Canada to such an extent that they filed suits against Research in Motion (RIM).

Due to this Blackberry outage almost ten million users over five continents were not able to access email, browsing and instant messaging.

The co-CEO of RIM apologised for this situation which lasted for four long days and maligned the company's reputation and proved advantageous for its rivals like Apple and other smartphone makers.

Wednesday, in Santa Ana, California federal court, a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Blackberry users in U.S. who have an active service agreement in case of internet, email, and messaging interruptions. In the suit RIM has been accused of negligence, unjust enrichment and also breach of contract.

Canadian users have filed a similar lawsuit on the same day at the Quebec Superior Court.

The suit mentioned that RIM was not able to compensate for the loss of service to its Blackberry users. Thus, they must "take full responsibility for these damages," reported Reuters.