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Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour - Live Blog

One Mobile Ring is attending the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note live from Battersea Powerstation, where we will bring you all the news as it happens.

1909 Samsung Galaxy Note allows you to capture and create, with the S Pen

1912 European premier of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus too

1913 Portability and creatively were key in the Galaxy Note design

1914 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, as seen in Samsung mobile phones

1916 S Pen bridges the gap between analogue and digital, by being able to write on the screen and ditch the paper based notepad

1919 Animator Liam Brazier is using the Galaxy Note to illustrate how easy it is to draw

1921 S Memo software allows for writing a note from anywhere inside of the Galaxy Note

1922 Pen can be customized, along with zooming and out of the screen to add finer detail

1924 Just holding own the screen allows for instant capture

1925 Cropping from the screen is easy too, with the Note and with feature found in larger costly Adobe products

1927 Video editing is another feature on the Galaxy Note

1928 Samsung ChatOn messenger is apart of the device

1929 S Pen software developers kit coming in December, to develop apps for the s pen itself

1932 Swiping across the screen captures the whole screen for later, whilst covering the screen pauses what is playing

1937 Juiper networks offers security packages for Galaxy Note, which includes remote location of lost device and remote wiping

1941 Galaxy Note arrive on O2, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u on November 3rd

2000 Samsung Galaxy Nexus arriving on November 17th

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