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Skype File Sharing Vulnerabilities Outlined in New Study from Polytechnic Institute of NYU

In a recent research paper, a group of experts at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University revealed that the massively popular VoIP platform Skype can be easily exploited by virtually anyone to track the whereabouts of a person.

Co-incidentally, the research paper was published the same day Microsoft quietly unveiled Skype's application developer platform and app directory.

Though the researchers focused primarily on Skype, but they also acknowledged that such vulnerabilities could also be present in other popular real time services.

"We conclude that any Internet user can leverage Skype, and potentially other real-time communications systems, to observe the mobility and file sharing usage of tens of millions of identified users," the research paper stated, according to this report (opens in new tab) by PC Mag.

"Specifically, if Alice knows Bob's VoIP ID, she can establish a call with Bob and obtain his current IP address by simply sniffing the datagrams arriving to her computer," it added.

Skype reportedly admitted of having this flaw by stating that it might be possible for users to track one another's IP addresses, and hence their locations. But it also added that the company was trying hard to make sure such vulnerabilities are nullified as soon as possible.