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Many Traditional English Words Seldom Used in Texting and Online Communication

A new study has found that traditional English words have dropped in usage to make way for more texting and twitter friendly words.

A survey of 2,000 Britons was conducted to mark the launch of JP Davidson's new book "Planet Word."

The survey found that traditional words like 'cripes' and 'balderdash' were hardly being used by today's generation as they have adopted shorter words used in text messaging or broadcasting on Twitter.

According to an article on The Telegraph, one in 15 respondents had never used the word 'drats' and about half did not know what the word 'cad' meant. Surprisingly, 83 percent of the respondents claimed to have a good vocabulary.

"You only have to look on Twitter to see evidence of the fact that a lot of English words that are used say in Shakespeare's plays or PG Wodehouse novels - both of them avid inventors of new words - are so little used that people don't even know what they mean now," said Davidson.

"This could be viewed as regrettable, as there are some great descriptive words that are being lost and these words would make our everyday language much more colourful and fun if we were to use them," he added.