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TV apps market set to reach $1.9 billion by 2015

TV apps are moving quickly from a novelty feature on some Internet-enabled HDTVs and a few cable systems to what will soon be a standard capability. The growth in adoption of TV app platforms will result in revenues from apps on TVs growing to $1.9 billion by 2015 according to a new report from GigaOM Pro. This is said to be due in large to the predicted main stream availability of networked TVs, with 60% of TVs sold in 2015 predicted to have an internet connection. But what is the current state of the TV apps market and how can developers; IPTV providers and manufacturers make sure they are part of its future growth?

Apps World Europe (29-30 November, London) (opens in new tab) is the only mobile event to dedicate an entire day of the agenda to the development of TV apps. The TV app track will focus on the growth of the TV apps business, monetising TV apps, alterations to viewing habits, the convergence of tablets and TV and the implications for content providers. Speakers include leading experts from BT, Deutsche Telekom, BSkyB, Zeebox, Shazam and Orange.

The session sets out to answer the following:

- Where the TV apps market one year on and where is is it going?

- How can Pay TV operators' monetise apps operations?

- How will TV app stores evolve, will all IPTV providers need to launch stores to compete?

- What hardware is already being distributed into the market and what is the life-cycle expected to bring this technology into homes?

- How are tablets and mobile affecting how viewers watch and interact with TV?

- How will apps make TV a more social experience?

- What potential advertising opportunities will TV apps create?

To attend the TV apps track and the other 2 tracks focussing on the mobile application industry that will make up Apps World Europe held at Olympia 2 on 29-30 November 2011, register for your workshop pass here (opens in new tab). Save 15% on the cost of a workshop pass with the discount code TVAPPS15