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UK Royal Society to Provide Free Online Access to Scientific Journal Archives

The world-famous U.K. Royal Society's historic journal archive on scientific articles will soon be available to the public for free online.

The popular journal is enriched with articles written by some of the greatest minds in human history and now, it will be available to everyone.

The archives include the scientific journal, which was the first ever peer-reviewed journal, with 60,000 scientific papers of historic importance and also various papers published almost 70 years ago.

Royal Society Library Committee chair Professor Uta Frith said, "I'm delighted that the Royal Society is continuing to increase access to its wonderful resources by opening up its publishing archives. The release of these papers opens a fascinating window on the history of scientific progress....." as reported on The Royal Society website.

This is a big step towards providing access to various scientific publications which is the present and most important commitment of the society.

The opening of the archive will occur during Open Access Week.

Now, the world will have access of the first published scientific papers by Isaac Newton, an original account of Benjamin Franklin's electrical kite experiment, and a record of Charles Darwin's geological work.