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£111.42 Samsung SyncMaster S19A300N LCD TFT LED 18.5" VGA Monitor

The Samsung SyncMaster SA300 monitor delivers real life like images taking your viewing experience to the next level and makes day to day computer usage quite comfortable.

High contrast ratio and fast response time makes sure that you get the absolute darkest blakcs and in case of colours you get the brightest. While the monitor provides with high performance, it is eco-friendly as well and the Eco saving feature adjusts the brightness of the monitor based on how much energy you want to save. The monitor comes with three energy saving modes that would really tailor your monitor use to meet your own personal needs.

Samsung Magic Angle lets you watch movies on you monitor from any angle and while you are in any posture - lying, sitting, standing and makes sure that you are always comfortable. The 5-mode angle management on the TV lets you watch your videos on your Samsung monitor with rich visuals from any angle possible.

The 18.5" screen is apt for day to day computing usage the LED backlight provides you with vibrant colours while being energy conserving. The monitor supports a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels.

The Samsung SyncMaster S19A300N LCD TFT LED 18.5" VGA Monitor is available from ebuyer for £111.42.