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Acer plans price hike over Thailand flooding

The flooding in Thailand, which has closed manufacturing plants for several major hard drive makers, looks set to have an impact on prices as Acer becomes the latest company to warn of supply issues.

Recent flooding in Thailand has resulted in several high-tech companies closing down manufacturing facilities, including multiple hard-drive makers. Pricing on hard drives themselves has already started to rise as supplies dwindle, but the problem is starting to affect OEMs too.

Acer has become the latest company to warn that the increased cost of hard drives due to the floods will be passed directly on to the consumer in a price rise that will remain until supplies return to normal.

"We will appropriately reflect a hike in HDD prices on laptops," Acer Chairman J T Wang is quoted as confirming at investor conference today by Focus Taiwan (opens in new tab). "The range will be in the hundreds of Taiwan dollars, depending on different product categories."

Acer is unlikely to be the only company facing spiralling storage costs as a result of the floods, and with flood waters yet to fully recede for the damage to be assessed it's not yet known when the country's hard drive production - which amounts to around 120 million drives a year on average - will return to normal. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.