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Facebook Helps Locked Out Users with ‘Trusted Friends’

Facebook has revealed ‘Trusted Friends' scheme that would allow users to get assistance from their friends in case they get locked out from their accounts or in case their accounts are inaccessible due to some kind of a hack attack.

Under this scheme, you would be able to nominate three-to-five friends you trust who would be asked to input a special code in order to prove your identity. This would particularly be useful in case you have locked yourself out of your account and you don't have the standard recovery method to get access to your account notes techradar.

"We'll send codes to the friends you have selected, then you can log back into your account using these codes after your friends have passed them along to you," Facebook said reports PC Mag.

Due to security concerns that have been raised around third-party apps, another feature that Facebook has incorporated is the Apps Password. Facebook will allow users to add passwords for apps that users use. "This is especially helpful if you have opted into Login Approvals, for which security codes don't always work when using 3rd party applications", revealed Facebook.