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Forrester Recommends Macs for Enterprises

Mac haven't been welcome in enterprises but, Forrester created quite a stir in the IT world as it released a report that strongly urged that large enterprises should think of letting employees to use Mac at work.

According to Forrester "it's time to repeal prohibition." This is definitely a major revelation as the analyst firm has maintained for years that Macs are not recommended for enterprises reports GIGAOM.

According to the report, increasing numbers of employees are asking for Macs at work and many are even bringing their own into their offices. Forrester revealed 22% of the enterprise businesses foresee the use of Macs owned by employees "increasing significantly."

Despite the increasing desire of employees to use Macs in the workplace, enterprises still refrain from allowing employees to access corporate emails or the company's network on their own systems.

According to David Johnson, "That leaves a lot of employees to find their own ways to get around corporate prohibition." Forrester believes that Mac users can be classified as ‘power notebook user.' Being on Mac will enables these users to work for longer hours and be more productive.

Forrester believes that Mac "have developed a reputation for reliability and low maintenance."