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Google Opens Google+ Doors to Enterprises Through Apps

As promised, search engine giant Google has made its Google+ social networking platform available to businesses via Google Apps.

The company said users who use Google Apps to access email and docs will be able to use their business ids to access the platform.

When the company had first launched the platform, businesses had scrambled to open profiles on it using individual accounts. Google had them to be patient and had promised that soon they will be able to open business class profiles on the platform.

Google said that the functionality will not only allow them to use the platform like everyone else, they will also be able to see which topics are currently popular on the platform.

"It took more technical work than we expected to bring Google+ to Google Apps," said Ronald Ho, Google+ project manager.

The company also revealed a new Google+ tool called Ripples, which is a visualisation tool for public shares and comments on the platform.

"To get started, just find a public post that interests you, and select "View Ripples." From there you can replay its activity, zoom in on certain events, and identify top contributors and much more. Google+ Ripples is still experimental, so let us know how we can make it more informative." Google head of social Vic Gundotra explained.

The Google+ platform, launched in competition with Facebook and Twitter, has acquired more than 40 million users worldwide since its launch.