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Google Street View Takes a Peek Indoors

Google has enhanced its Street View mapping service and took it to the next level by including the photos of interiors of business from across the globe.

Under this program, started back in April 2010 and back in May this year, Google had informed that it was planning to send professional photographers to snap professional pictures for their Places page reveals PCMag.

This new scheme is completely voluntary and businesses won't be forced in any manner to sign up for this feature. "We hope to enable businesses to highlight the qualities that make their locations stand out through professional, high-quality imagery", said Google's spokesman reveals BBC News.

Google is going to roll-out this scheme at a select few locations including London, Paris and a few other cities in Japan, Australia, etc. Based on the most searched types of businesses, Google will be inviting request for visit by its photographers. Ideally this would include restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Google photographers will produce 360-degree images using fish-eye and wide-angle lenses as well as stills. Google also revealed that business will be welcome to post their own pictures. The search engine giant has made a note that once the photographs are clicked they will be property of Google and that they may use the snaps on any other service. Businesses may request a removal but, Google doesn't guarantee any compliance.