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Green Networking : Is 'End of Life' really the end?

Buying new equipment is just one end of the process - but what happens to the existing equipment? Obviously, sending equipment to landfill is the least environmentally-friendly method of disposal and so many companies choose to recyle.

Recycling products in accordance with EU IEEE standards does not necessarily mean that the organisation has done all it can do for the environment - but parting with used networking equipment in this way, can compliment a company's overall green IT efforts.

However, there is another way of disposing of equipment that many companies are not aware of. Selling your surplus equipment so that it can be used again is in fact the most environmentally-friendly method of all.

The benefit of this approach is that the equipment can be used again straight away without needing to produce more products or recycle the old equipment. With the current pressure on companies to reduce their IT budgets, reusing surplus equipment is the most effective way of recycling as no part of the technology goes to waste.

If a company simply agrees to sell its existing assets to a reseller when it has no more need for it then this in itself is a green step - small steps are just as important as big ones!

The fact that companies can make money from selling their surplus equipment to resellers provides an added incentive. Pre-owned equipment providers can also make the process an easy one by determining the value of the product and taking care of the logistics of shipping it..

Working with pre-owned equipment providers is a winning strategy. This approach significantly reduces a company's carbon foot print and provides numerous value added services while significantly reducing costs.