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HP To Focus On Windows 8 For Tablets

HP's CEO, Meg Whitman, has reiterated the company's commitment to bringing Microsoft's next generation OS, Windows 8, to tablets in a call with analysts yesterday as reported by ZDNet.

Whitman explained that "over time, companies are going to want employees to bring their own devices" and this would spawn a number of issues like how to control personal devices and security.

Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group, also said that what HP was doing with Microsoft was "extraordinarily compelling".

HP can now choose between two architectures when it launches its tablets. It could release a tweaked version of the TouchPad to run Windows 8 for ARM (Qualcomm Edition), potentially an easier avenue.

With a dual core Qualcomm SoC clocked at 1.2GHz and 1GB RAM, the TouchPad should be powerful enough to run Windows 8.

Or it could always go down the Intel route and launch an Atom-based or Sandy Bridge based tablet, one which is likely to cost significantly more than its ARM equivalent.

Given that rumours have emerged about HP's imminent launch of ARM-based servers based on chips from startup Calxeda, we wouldn't discount a dual-pronged approach from HP.

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