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Huge Numbers of Blackberry Users Deserting for iPhone 4S

Gazelle, a large online tech device buyer, announced last week that the number of BlackBerry users trying to get rid of their handsets had increased by 80%, an article on Forbes (opens in new tab) reveals.

Analysts predicted (opens in new tab)this would happen, after two significant events occurred almost simultaneously. While the whole world was focused on the release of the new iPhone, BlackBerry users were struggling with an outage that lasted several days and deprived many of them of Internet and messaging.

In addition, Research in Motion, the company producing BlackBerry phones, faced its own internal problems with conflicts at the top of its hierarchy. However, before either of these problems surfaced, BlackBerry users were already glancing over at other brands enviously as RIM had failed to deliver a new range of competitive devices.

The latest RIM handset BlackBerry 7 hasn't greatly impressed users. Gazelle's report points out that iPhone and Android users are also trading in their handsets in order to upgrade, but surveys suggest they will stick to their current OS, or the migration will be smaller.

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Droid Bionic are also high-end devices expected to attract unhappy Blackberry users, as well as Apple's new star iPhone 4S.

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