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iPad Sales in One Day top Motorola Xoom Sales for Q3 2011

Lauded at its release event as a potential iPad Killer, Motorola Xoom managed to ship fewer units in the third quarter of 2011 than Apple sold in one day.

According to Motorola's recently announced quarterly results, the company shipped 100,000 Xoom tablets in the quarter ending September, MacObserver (opens in new tab) notes. In the same three month time frame, Apple managed to sell 11.12 million iPads, which works out at an average of 121,000 units per day.

With the Xoom tablet being the first running on Android Honeycomb, Motorola had hoped to make a mark on the iPad in the same way as Android smartphones have against the iPhone. However, this was not the case, as sales figures clearly show.

One Android tablet that is taking on the iPad, and seems to be having some degree of success, is the Kindle Fire, which Amazon is rumoured to be selling at a loss. With a very appealing price tag of $200, Kindle Fire has already created a buzz on the tablet market, with Amazon reportedly registering presales of 250,000 tablets in about a week.

If we were to be malicious, we'd point out that that's more than the Motorola Xoom could sell in hald a year. However, some might say the Kindle has a different target than the iPad (and Xoom), serving more as an improved e-reader for entry level users.

The Kindle Fire will be available from 15th November in the US, with UK and other regions still to be announced.

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