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Lawsuits Against Amazon on the Rise

Amazon has revealed that in 2011, eleven companies have filed lawsuits against it since the beginning of the year and the numbers are 3 times as many as that in 2010.

Amazon has made these declarations in a filing made with the US financial regulators reports BBC News.

The lawsuits that Amazon is facing include its sales system as well as the Kindle eBook devices. The sales system infringes upon another firm's intellectual property while the Kindle devices use technologies owned by others.

Amazon revealed that as it stands it is facing about 30 patent infringement claims but, two have been dismissed as of now. Amazon is going to dispute all the claims and will vigorously defend itself it states. Amazon has hinted that it doesn't know the outcome of any of these claims.

There has an exponential increase in the number of patent infringement cases involving tech giants from across the technology spectrum and Amazon is no exception. The legalities involved with these patent litigations will always be aggressive.

Some of the companies that have filed claims against Amazon are Parallel Iron, Lochner Technologies, Semiconductor Ideas to the Market BV, Execware, Select Retrieval, etc.