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Microsoft Sending Invites for Windows Phone ‘Backstage’ Event

The Windows maker Microsoft Corp. is reportedly sending out invitation for its ‘backstage' event, scheduled to be held on November 7 in New York.

According to reports, Microsoft Windows Phone Team, including the heavyweights like Andy Lees, Joe Belfiore etc. will all be there at the event in order to have a discussion on the platform.

The company seems to be hinting towards making some rather big announcement during the event.

"Please join us November 7th, 2011 for a "backstage" event. You will have the opportunity to chat with Andy Lees, Joe Belfiore, other members of the Windows Phone team, and a host of partners," the invitation sent by Redmond read, according to this report by c|net.

"This is not the only big thing Windows Phone has planned.. With that we invite you to a unique experience in the middle of Herald Square at 12 PM following this VIP event," the invitation added.

Interestingly, the invitation for the event are being sent out by the company just after the Finnish mobile giant Nokia unveiled its first ever Windows Phone powered handset.

Chances are that AT&T will also be there in the event, at least that is what it seems like if we have a look at the invite -- yes, all the three handsets displayed in the invite bears AT&T logo.