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Motorola Shipped 100,000 XOOM Tablets

Motorola has managed to ship only 100,000 tablets in the third quarter of the year according to its Q3 statement released yesterday.

This means that sales are likely to be significantly less which will prove to be a massive disappointment for Motorola supporters.

Apple sold 100 times as many tablets over the same period, and did not have to resort to a price cut (like Motorola did) in order to boost sales. The price of the XOOM in the UK has fallen to £312, down from £399 at launch.

Ironically, being first out onto the market with a Honeycomb based tablet did not help Motorola at all and we suspect that HP, who canned its WebOS-based TouchPad tablet recently, managed to sell more than 100,000 tablets during its fire sale.

Motorola is already working on a followup to the XOOM, which is likely to be called the XOOM 2 and be thinner than the existing model, bearing more than a passing ressemblance to the newly launched Motorola Razr.

The XOOM itself is not a bad tablet; it comes with a 10.1-inch capacitive 1280x800 pixel screen, 32GB onboard storage, two cameras, Android Honeycomb (soon Ice Cream Sandwich), GPS, two cameras and a microSD card slot.

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