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Samsung Ships More Smartphones than Apple in Q3, iPhone 4S Launch the Reason

In the third quarter of 2011 Apple lost the top position on the global smartphone market to rival Samsung according to a report published two days ago by Strategy Analytics (opens in new tab). Former leader Nokia who owned one third of the smartphone market last year, now has to settle for third place.

Apple's 17.1 million iPhones shipped in the third quarter translates into a 14.6% market share, compared to Samsung's 23.8% market share and 27.8 million smartphones sold. A year ago, Nokia topped the cumulative sales of both its competitors with 26.5 million handsets shipped, but now the Finnish vendor only managed to ship 16.8 million smartphones dropping to a 14.4% market share, very close to Apple.

Analysts believe that Apple dropping off the pace was caused by consumers holding back, opting to wait for the highly anticipated next-generation iPhone everybody was speculating about during the summer. Also, the global economic context caused Apple's smartphone growth rate to reach its lowest point for two years.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, didn't show any concern about the situation though and expressed confidence that iPhone 4S will cause the smartphone market to shift in Apple's favour in the holiday season: "we'll set an all-time record for iPhones this quarter," he stated confidentally.

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