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AMCC Unleashes First 64-bit ARM Server Prototype

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation has demoed the first ARM server processor, which uses the new ARMv8 architecture and is a fully 64-bit part.

The X-Gene chip was announced at ARM's Techcon event and packs several 3GHz cores, all with quad-issue and out-of-order superscalar designs.

It also integrates Ethernet MACs, PCI Express and Serial ATA meshed with a 80GBps fabric. The first silicon samples are expected to be launched in the first half of 2012, before the first products based on the Cortex-A15 are actually released to market.

Paramesh Gopi, the CEO of AMCC said, "Our next-generation of multicore SoCs will bring in a new era of energy efficient performance that doesn't break the bank on a limited power supply".

Interestingly, SeaMicro, which produces Intel based CPUs for servers, has started to work with AMCC and says that volume servers are "punishingly inefficient in today's workloads".

A spokesperson for the company said that SeaMicro was dazzled by what it could do with AMCC technology, which hints at the possibility of a hybrid-architecture scenario being drawn.

AMCC is just one of three licensees with Microsoft and Nvidia being the two others.