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Google Announces Update For Google TV

Google has released an updated version of the software platform for its Google TV devices, one which is based on Honeycomb.

The customised version of Android 3.1 will be pushed to Sony Google TV on the 30th of October with Logitech Revue devices likely to be the next to get the update.

Logitech says that it has sold nearly $8 million worth of Revue boxes in the last quarter at $99 a pop (which translates into just over 80,000 devices).

As for the update, Google says that it will bring together content from a number of sources including Youtube, Netflix, Amazon's own video streaming service (which in the UK would be Lovefilm) as well as other non-disclosed video sites.

Google has rejigged the home screen and squeezed it into a bar at the lower part of the screen and has a new feature called "pivot from play".

This allows users to view content from other sources such as Youtube without actually leaving the content they're viewing, a bit like the traditional picture in picture.

Perhaps some of the reason why Google has taken so long to upgrade its Google TV platform stems from the fact that it currently runs on an Intel architecture, although things are set to change soon.

Désiré Athow

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