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iPad 2 Tablets and Angry Birds Toy to be Launched into Space, NASA Says

Kelly Humphries, NASA representative, revealed to space news website collectSPACE (opens in new tab) that two iPads are heading for the International Space Station (ISS) in the next few days.

The two iPads are being placed in an unmanned rocket along with other supplies for the two cosmonauts and one astronaut that are currently onboard the ISS. According to Humphries, the iPads will be used only for entertainment, and before the brand was chosen NASA teams had looked through a wide range of tablets and compared their benefits.

Next year, other tablets will probably join the iPads in space. So far, the ISS is like a little Apple fan club since, with two laptops from an unknown maker, there are a few iPods even from 2005 and two iPhone 4 handsets.

Oddly enough the latest shuttle will also transport an Angry Birds soft toy at the request of space personnel. Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov revealed the mystery: "At a time when [we] start weightlessness, about 10 minutes after launch, it will begin to float". The low-tech indicator for the zero gravity point is a tradition for astronauts and cosmonauts who use small charms all the time for this purpose.

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