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Microsoft Demoes New Windows 8 Task Manager With 160 Logical Processors

A Microsoft group program manager on the User Experience team working on Windows 8 has demoed a Task Manager for the company's latest operating system that can handle a massive 160 logical cores.

Ryan Haveson showed on the MSDN blog some of the improvements in the new Windows 8 task manager compared to the old one, which makes use of a heat map as a visualisation method to "convey and compare large amount of numerical data".

These include the ability to handle as much as 160 logical processors and easily find out the load on each processor rather than having to peep at tiny green line graphs on black backgrounds.

Haveson was using a system with eight Intel Xeon E7-2870 processors, each with 10 cores (hyperthreaded) and 1TB RAM as well as what seems to be an array of solid state drives as well.

The new Task manager will support up to 640 logical processors and will offer the ability to micromanage each processor.

Windows 8 Developer Preview - the pre-beta version of the OS - was launched back in September 2011 and is set to expire on the 12th of March 2012.

See screenshots here of the new Task Manager showing 160 logical processors.

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