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Soon You Could Control Your iPhone, iPad By 3D Gestures

Apple is looking towards changing the way we interact with devices once again, allowing users to control an iPad or iPhone by specific gestures picked up on its camera, an article by Wired (opens in new tab)suggests.

A newly revealed Apple patent will let users manipulate the graphical elements on the display like icons, media files, text and images without needing to touch them or to issue vocal commands. The users would have to perform precise gestures instead, similar to sign language, such as geometric shapes half-circle or square, symbols, check mark or question mark, or alphabet letters.

A toolbar will make available the choice of customising the gestures, but in the beginning, users can use pre-set options. And that's not all. The patent also introduces an application to allow video editing and annotation by gesture with the help of an appropriate toolbar.

For this 3D gesture capturing a front facing camera would obviously be required, so the iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S could adopt this feature if Apple plans to integrate this technology in an upcoming version of iOS. However the patent suggests that the older iPhone might not have enough processing power to support this feature.

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