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Apple Already Toying With Mac OS X 10.8

Google Analytics can sometimes reveal some interesting information as tech website Cult of Mac discovered. The news website managed to track Apple's followup to its current Lion OS, Mac OS X 10.8, in its analytics logs.

Interestingly, Apple seems to have been testing OS X 10.8 since earlier this year but it appears to have become more common only a few weeks ago, meaning a more widespread phase of internal testing.

Cult of Mac reckons that Apple may call the next version of Mac OS X, Manticore, although there's a growing number of its users who want it to be named Sabertooth.

Apple released Mac OS X Lion back in July 2011 which was first unveiled at Apple's "Back to Mac" event in October 2010.

Lion was the first Apple OS that adopted a number of iOS features like a navigable display of installed applications and support for Mac App Store.

It is also the first mainstream OS that is primarily distributed as a download via Mac App Store. Users can also download it instore from Apple Stores or as a $69 USB Flash drive.

It is likely that Mac OS X 10.8 will be closing the gap even more between the desktop Mac OS X and iOS 5. Expect the update to be released sometime towards the middle of next year.

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