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Apple to Ditch Google Maps, Own 3D Mapping Service for iPhone 5?

Apple recently acquired C3 Technologies, a company which has the technology to develop 3D maps, and according to recent reports Apple is planning to gain independence from Google Maps.

The purchase cost Apple $240 million but the future benefit relies on the capability to create photo-realistic mapping which has been termed "Google Maps on steroids". This is the second 3D mapping firm the company has bought after the acquisition of Poly9 last year.

For Siri, perhaps the most talked about feature of iPhone 4S, Apple is relying on its rival's technology for the ability to find and locate businesses. If Apple is going to pursue the strategy of casting aside Google Maps for the next generation iPhone, some reviewers are already wondering if this is such a good idea.

According to ThePopHerald, "New map application from Apple may disappoint many non-US iPhone users," he explains, "Google Maps supports all countries, even the rural areas of Asia and Europe, and making a new map application may result in many unsupported areas." In addition, Yahoo Weather is not available for iPhone users from some Asian cities, particularly in some provinces of China, Philippines and Thailand.

While some analysts are speculating whether Apple is going to gamble with the efficiency of its most innovative feature, others have noticed that the independence movement is already under way. For Siri Apple is using Yelp instead of Google Places, and Wolfram Alpha for information and not Google Search.

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